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Price: $4.00

The chocolate we work with has so many different uses, we're offering it in bulk bags, 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound and a full "pounder". Great ... more info

Price: $6.00

Rustic cuts of small batch toffee, double coated in semi-sweet chocolate, and dusted in roasted and lightly salted almonds,(air-roasted, contains no ... more info

Price: $8.00

4, 6, or 12 pieces.. Small batch soft caramel is taken to what chef considers burnt sugar, where heavy cream, butter, vanilla and salt are added to ... more info
Semi sweet chocolate cast with crushed roasted coffee beans, dried plums and chocolate covered espresso beans, contains caffeine. 1 1/4 ounce bar. ... more info

Price: $6.00

Deco inspired hearts, hand cast in semi sweet chocolate. Each bag contains nine pieces, individually foil wrapped. 5 ounces. Gluten Free ... more info

Price: $5.00

Ruffles, bee & strawberry are featured as part of the relief of this beautiful casting. Three and a half ounce bar. Gluten Free Product. 

Price: $6.00

In the late 40's, Diego Rivera produced a series of paintings that depicted flower sellers, this particular piece was later made into a chocolate ... more info

Price: $7.00

Small batch with attention to detail, these caramels are our special recipe, finished with vanilla and a light hand to salt, which compliments the ... more info

Price: $3.00

Solid hand cast Venezuelan semi-sweet chocolate, encrusted with roasted and salted hazelnuts, candied ginger pieces and Montmorency dried cherries ... more info
Hand cast, solid chocolate lidded two-piece heart box, filled with one dozen of our truffles, featuring four each of William's Wicked Caramel, ... more info
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