Frequent Questions

This is a short list of our frequently asked questions. For more information about Porter Hill Sweets, or if you need assistance ordering product, please drop us a message via our contact page.

Where do you ship?

We only sell and ship within the United States.

Why is your shipping so expensive?

We are a very small business and are unable to garner the price concessions from USPS, FedEx, or UPS that larger web-based companies can demand. Our shipping rates come directly from USPS, with a $1 surcharge to cover the cost of packing materials. We do offer local pickup for New England residents and free shipping for larger orders.

Why can't I ship to multiple locations within one order?

Basically its an issue of credit card fraud. Our payment processing company does not allow us to "split shipments"; i.e., ship to multiple addresses with one payment. If you have a need to ship gifts to multiple recepients, give us a call.

Why is everything you're making described as "hand crafted" and "small batch"?

Great question! For a number of reasons, we choose to keep everything tailored down, providing much more control & consistency of flavor per batch, it's much easier to manage in our farmhouse kitchen, and doing things by hand is a more authentic approach to the time honored skill of confectionery.

Are you a chocolatier, chocolate-maker or a confectioner?

To me, there is a big difference. A Chocolatier is someone who is a maker and seller of chocolate, including the current resurgence of chocolate-maker, "bean to bar" manufacturers. We don't have the space or equipment or desire to create a specific formulation for chocolate, there are so many more incredible artisans out there, creating beautiful chocolate for end-users like us to enjoy. A confectioner's talent stands in their ability to provide a variety of candies, including chocolates, and uses a dependable brand chocolate or couveture for their finished products.

Are you just melting chocolate?

It's a little more involved than just melting chocolate and hoping for good results. The art of tempering chocolate involves knowing which type of chocolate is best of the results you want, and understanding the processes needed to manipulate the chocolate; a process of heating, cooling and agitating the chocolate to give you the best sheen, snap and creamy mellow flavor.

You mentioned "dependable brand chocolate", can you talk about that a little?

A confectioner's job is to provide the best product, which includes sourcing and understanding where incredible chocolate is grown, knowing how the crops are cared for and harvested. Every contributing country provides a product that can vary from year to year, even plantation to plantation. There are some smaller countries providing great chocolate, and some mass producers flooding the market with sub-par chocolate that may have sold off the valuable and expensive cocoa butter and substituted it with another type of vegetable fat. We source chocolate that is fair trade, which benefits the growers working conditions, providing better pay for their crops, and sustainable conditions for the harvest and cocoa trees.

Chocolate or Couveture? What's the difference and what are you using?

At present, we're using a semi-sweet coveture. It has a good, neutral chocolate flavor, which is beneficial for incorporating other flavors, like dried fruits and nuts, which enhances and doesn't overpower the beautiful chocolate flavor. The difference between chocolate and couveture is the higher percentage of cocoa butter in couveture, and the use of premium cocoa beans. It aids in the tempering process and in the texture and flavor of the chocolate. It is the finest professional quality, making it ideal for specialty candy making and molding.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we are looking for artisan markets interested in carrying our products. Please send us a message and Chef Will shall contact you.

Can I resell your chocolate on my website?

Yes, our Affiliates Program page contains information about our reseller program. Once accepted into the program you will earn 5% for all sales generated via links on your website.

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