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Dear Friends,

With the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, it is no longer possible to continue selling my confections online. I am a single person small business and am not able to invest the hundreds of man-hours that will be required to comply with the differing laws of the 45 states and thousands of municipalities that currently collect tax on internet sales.

Therefore, as of 21 June 2018, the shopping cart feature of the website is disabled until we figure this all out. If you live in a state that has no sales tax on candy give me a call if you would like to order my chocolate.

Be Sweet!
Chef William Poole
Master Chocolatier and Owner
Porter Hill Sweets

The Artistry of Chocolate

Porter Hill Sweets candies and confections are individual hand-crafted works of art. Our unique flavor profiles not only challenge the mundane and conventional; but also enhance the experience and palate via the dimension of sight.

Our candies are made with organically grown, Fair Trade chocolate; are gluten and soy free, are made with non-GMO cane sugar, and contain no additives to extend their shelf-life.

Because we care about the environment, we use minimal packaging; which may be recycled or composted.

Art Tiles, based upon 14th century wood block images.

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